A New Generation Advanced Massage Appliance

The ArapalŪ AMT System

After years of development and testing this new high power low voltage therapeutic massage system is now available.  Based on the original vibrational frequencies of the SONOID & NIAGARA products the new motor, the heart of the system, delivers the same  output power as the standard 110v or 240v motors used in those products but with a more stable sinusoidal action with deeper penetration making it more effective in less time.

The Differences:

  • Being low voltage both the Hand Unit and the Thermo Pad can be used in the home plugged into your normal electricity outlet (both 220-240v and 110-120v) through the supplied power pack, or can be plugged directly into your car, caravan, motor home, truck tractor etc (either 12v or 24v)
  • Minimal heat generation (3 degrees above ambient room temperature.
  • Much more reliable this new motor carries a 3 year replacement warranty.
  • They have been tested by Parkside Laboratories and comply with *   FCC      , this covers most countries.

Also available is our new Wall Hugger Massage Chair which features:  Power Lift & Recline, 3 fully variable ArapalŪ massage motors, 2 heaters, gentle or firm but non-aggressive kneading back rollers, full wireless remote control and modern styling in a variety of fabrics.

And our new adjustable massage bed featuring full variable up and down position adjustability for both upper and lower body, 2 fully variable ArapalŪ massage motors, full wireless remote control in a complete range of sizes from single to dual king.

This website is still under construction please check back for more information, our chair design has been modified and it now looks much better than the current photos, also our adjustable bed now features a luxurious deep pile pure wool top, new photos will be coming soon.  Other information still to be added includes:

  • How to use the system for optimum results.
  • Conditions relieved or alleviated using the AMT System.


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