Pain Management Systems (NZ) Ltd is a Christchurch based, proudly New Zealand owned manufacturer, distributor and retailer since 1994.

Initially importing and assembling Sonoid massage products from the United States for the New Zealand market, it soon became clear that some major improvements could be made.

Concentrating on reliability, efficiency and therapeutic value many years of research and development was undertaken to bring to you the product we have today.

Ongoing development and research incorporating modern technology and methods allows us to keep our products up-to-date while minimising costs.


While the Health Set  is primarily designed for home use and is easy to use, more and more medical and health practitioners are coming on-board and incorporating our Health Sets into their therapy and rehabilitation treatments with great results.


Click here to view the papers of Cindy Evans MEd, BPE reproduced on our web site with her permission.


Company owner and Director Colin Feneck is the driving force behind the company.

His passion for the well-being of others, his attention to detail and perfectionism has resulted in a product he is proud to stand behind.

Colin remains 'Hands On' in the manufacture, testing and Research & Development of our Health Sets to ensure that the quality of our products is held to the highest of standards.

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With our ongoing support you are never alone with our Health Set. Help is always just a phone call away.

Colin is dedicated to providing the best after sale support for the life time of your Health Set, and beyond.

No matter your condition, we are committed to making sure you get the best possible outcome with your Health Set for years to come.


We do not claim cures for any medical conditions.