Below is a small selection of testimonials we have received over the years.

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Ex All Black

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I was lucky enough to meet Colin at the beginning of this year (2008) and was given a demonstration of the Arapal Vibrational Machine and the possible benefits it would have!

As a front row forward in professional rugby for over 10 years, I finished the game with groin, hip, back and neck problems, The problems varied from joint pain to a lack of flexibility.

Since retiring from rugby I have taken up squash and running and are active in these pursuits at least 5 times a week.

The Arapal Vibrational Machine has been like a miracle cure for me and has allowed me less down days because of soreness and tight muscles. I use it morning and night and it has replaced my morning stretching regime (simply because I personally find it more beneficial than stretching).

I traveled to South Africa with the Arapal Vibrational Machine this year. It was easy to pack and to set up in my hotel room.

One of the positive side effects for me from using the Arapal Vibrational Machine has been weight loss and while that isn't the reason I use the Arapal Vibrational Machine it was a pleasant surprise all the same.

My wife who is a regular runner is also a fan and uses the Arapal Vibrational Machine as much as I do!!

I have been so impressed with the Arapal Vibrational Machine and would happily recommend its healing qualities.

Mark Hammett

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2008 Cycling World Champion

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I have been a professional cyclist for several years and do a tremendous amount of training and travel to fulfill this unique lifestyle. This sometimes puts tremendous stress on the body and means looking after it is top priority. I started using Arapal  Medical Thermo Pad and Hand Unit for recovery and injury prevention.

It's like having a personal massage therapist with me all the time but unlike massage I don't get that sluggish feeling you sometimes get the next day.

In fact I'm so attached to my Thermo Pad I travel everywhere with it, even overseas as I find it's one of the best things to get circulation back into the legs after those nasty long haul flights or long drives. It even works with the cars 12 volt power supply!

This all sounds too good to be true, you have to try it to believe it.

Hayden Godfrey

2008 Cycling World Champoin


Dear Sir:

We purchased our Health Set about four years ago (2005).

Because of my extensive and hard farming work and being an ex All Black, I have had four knee replacements and two new hips. The surgery did work for a short while but because of an infection in one of my hip joints I had major complications including pain, weakness and loss of mobility.

I have found very great pain relief and extra increased mobility through using my Health Set. I am now well into my 80's now and have got back to golf. We even take the Set away with us on our golf trips! I find that it is great to use before and after my matches. It's also wonderful at night before I go to sleep.

Thanks again to you and Stuart. This has been a really great investment giving us daily returns! We appreciate your follow up visits when Stuart is in town as well.

Best regards to you and yours

Ian Irvine



To Whom It May Concern:

I have used the Health Set for over 12 months. I have had Rheumatoid arthritis for 14 years and was finding that despite using the appropriate medication, exercising regularly and receiving soft tissue massage monthly I was gradually losing function and experiencing increased pain, particularly in my feet and hands.

By using the Health Set daily, I have found, not only that I have halted the gradual loss of function but also that my pain has decreased.

My personal experience of the Health Set is that the only limitation to continual functional gains and decrease in pain is whether or not I am disciplined enough to use the Health Set daily and for a significant amount of time.

For anyone committed to increasing physical function and decreasing their experience of pain, I unequivocally recommend the Health Set.

Yours Sincerely,

Kieren Faull, PhD, PGDip CommPsych


M Rivers

I am happy to write this testimonial for my Arapal Health Set, it is worthy.

My name is Maree Rivers and I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 5 years ago aged 48. At the time of my diagnosis I had a number of ailments that were quite debilitating and caused me pain. I mean a LOT of pain.

At the specialists appointment for confirming my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I thought I was going to hospital for two hip replacements. I was that sore. I was given pain medication, and medication for my Multiple Sclerosis. It helped with the pain, but it only slowed down my Multiple Sclerosis. No chance of improvement.

Loss of balance, sore parts of my body, my feet, my legs, my shoulders, my hips, well all parts really. Also my eye sight got quite bad for a while, I stopped reading any books and that was a sad day for me.

My husband is very supportive and very active in reading up on the different alternative health supplements available to help ease my pain and my life style. I felt I had no life for a while as all I seemed to do was sleep, sit, watch TV, eat meals and then back to bed again. No life at all.


Then my husband and I got active and started with some health supplements, and we joined a gym. It was at this time I started to use my Arapal Health Set.

I started to make some progress, it would not have taken a lot to appear I was making progress because when I first went to the gym, all i did was sit on each piece of gym equipment. I had no strength at all.

Two years later, I am a new person.

I have a lot less pain, I can walk four blocks to our local mall, and back home again. I use a walking stick, but the wheel chair I bought is unused. I use the gym equipment at our gym every other day. I use my Arapal Health Set each day and it makes me feel really good. I am also off the prescribed medications for Multiple Sclerosis. I take hardly any pain killers. I am thankful for my Arapal Health Set as it eases my aches and pains and helps with my balance issues.

I have been on a few bike rides (something that would have seemed impossible a couple of years ago) I am thinking of joining some sports groups. I am regaining my life and I am pleased to have had the input from Colin regarding the Arapal Health Set as I have been shown even more ways to use it.

My love of reading has returned and I am enjoying reading again.

Best Regards

Maree Rivers

Happy Customer


In 1983, I was in a car accident that put me in hospital for 2 months. I broke my hips, pelvis, had seven fractures and 5 clean bone breaks.

In addition, I fractured 3 vertebrae in the upper part of my back and was in traction for 6 weeks. It took me 6 months to learn how to walk again.

My right side of my hip has fused permanently to my tail bone and my tail bone does not move at all. To cap it all off, in 2001 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.

In 2007 I was shown the Arapal medical equipment. What a change it made! Prior to using this, I had fevers, chills, headaches, stress, poor circulation, lethargy, tiredness, aching body joints and rheumatoid arthritis.

I could hardly drive a car, couldn't sit for long periods of time or walk far without pain or tiredness. Even sleeping was difficult. I was often kept awake throughout the night with incredible pain. I often felt my life was a living hell - always awake, but always in pain.

Thanks to Arapal Medical my life has improved so much that now I can do almost anything I want to. From biking, kicking the soccer ball around with my son, gardening, going to the movies and most importantly, having a wonderful nights sleep.

The equipment has totally changed the way I now live. So much so, that I have decided to work for Arapal Medical.

Many Thanks

Karen Pugh


Dear Sir

Quite frankly I do not believe I would still be walking without my Therapy Health Set.

I am no able to walk without my stick or walker!

Stuart Hintz told me that the Therapy would not cure me but I almost disagree!

It's given me my confidence back and I am so thankful for that.

Thank you again for these wonderful products!

Jean McIdoe


To The Staff at Pain Management,


I am writing to thank you for the wonderful relief your program has given me.


After weeks of physio and months of taking Voltaren without improvement, your program has enabled me to work without pain after only 4 sessions.


I have recommended your program to friends who have tried everything without success and they are keen to try, however because they are unable to work they are on a limited income.


Will A.C.C. help with payments?


Look forward to your reply and Thanks again.




L Lewin

J Tucker


Dear Sir

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Health Set that we got from you through Stuart earlier in the year (2009).

I am now 71 and my wife is the same age. We are thrilled. I have had a shocking back since I was 19. I saw many doctors and specialists here and in Australia for this as well as my burning feet and aching legs. All I got was more pills and scans! NO treatment worked.

Now since getting my Health Set I have noticed a huge improvement. My pain is reduced and my mobility has really increased so that I can get back to work on projects like builder trailers even. Our lives have been totally transformed. I can walk longer distances and before I could hardly move!

Please tell people that they can call me to verify what I am telling you.

By the way it has helped my bowels tremendously.

Yours truly

John and Joy Dauphin

Dear Sir:


I wanted to let you know just how pleased we are with our Health Set which we got late last year (2008).

Before I got my set I was on lots of prescription pain killers every day. I was virtually a cripple. I had to sit down to do my baking as well as washing dishes and taking a shower etc. The Doctor did absolutely nothing to help and just told me it was arthritis and fibromyalgia and there was naught that could be done for me.

I am so happy that after only 3 weeks use I am so mobile I can get around with no pain. I am out in the garden and walking and now I can do all my household chores even vacuuming while standing! I can even run a little bit. I am sleeping so much better as well. It's really like a miracle. I know it can't cure me but it sure has helped!!

I am telling my friends to get their own Set as they always want to use mine.

When your Rep came round we thought it was expensive but now we think that it is the best investment that we have ever made.

Many thanks again. We have total confidence in this treatment and know that it works and does work when you use it! Thanks again, I call it my daily 'fix'!

Best regards again

Justine Tucker


We do not claim cures for any medical conditions.